Pricing Plans

Pay nothing until your proposal is ready.

No commitment to begin, pay only when you are ready to move forward with your first proposal.

Choose a project plan (standard or premium)

Our project plans include everything you need to customize and manufacture your custom packaging.

Standard Project

  • Any custom size packaging and printing job.
  • Fewer sourcing and prototyping options.


3 Bids / Quotes  
Custom Size  
Custom Printing  
Structural Prototyping  
Sample Delivery  
Tooling & Manufacturing  
Freight Booking  

Premium Project

  • Extra customization options and insert prototyping.
  • High volume quoting and price tiers for complex needs.


5 Bids / Quotes + International Sourcing
Custom Size + Custom Product Inserts
Custom Printing + Concept Mockups
Structural Prototyping + Printed “Golden Samples”
Sample Delivery + Expedited Courier Service
Tooling & Manufacturing + 90 Day Warehousing 
Freight Booking + Ship by Land, Air, Sea 

What these plans cover.

Each of our plans covers all the upfront costs of designing your structural files, quoting, sampling, and managing your project.

After quoting & sampling, you’ll have multiple competitive bids to choose from to ensure you’re always getting the best pricing and quality.

Not sure which plan is right for you?

Don’t worry, you can always upgrade / downgrade later.

Our packaging specialists can help you plan and build out a new packaging concept from scratch and will recommend the right plan.