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Units Needed / Month Historically (Between All Sizes)

Friday, Mar 17 4pm PST

Deadline for Quotation


Box Sizes


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2 Sentence Project Brief:

Double sided print, one color both sides, small RELF with insert, 20k units/month needed in Reno, 4 different sizes.

Company overall between multiple fulfillment center ships 60k units/month, massive growth from 10k units/month just 8 months ago, this is founder’s second e-commerce company after a succesful multi million dollar sale.


We need to present the quote to the client Thursday, March 17 4pm. We would like to finish production about 4-6 weeks from now.

Cardboard Spec:

A. Single wall, E Flute

B. All base cardboard will be #3 White on both sides. Some people call this oyster white, or mott white. Same thing.

Printing Method:

A. Flexography

B. UV Varnish on both sides

C. Double Sided Print

E. One Color Both sides, PMS 281C BLUE HS


We’d like 2 types of samples sent to us at 1233 Howard St, Apt 716, San Francisco:

1. 2-3 samples from your past customers. Things to keep in mind for these samples:

  • Most important: Please make sure they’re flexo (most important)
  • Important: Similar RELF Style, Double Sided Print
  • Less important: E Flute, well known brands

2. Cut out, blank sample of each of the four boxes.

target / current pricing

We currently print these at Heritage Paper with a new Gopfert Press in Northern California, but are looking for a printer closer to our new Reno Fulfillment Center. We prefer a higher upfront cost with more expensvie 3 out to 6 out tooling, and a lower per unit cost.

*Note: All the following prices were for single sided print, with UV Varnish, and blank, mott white paper on the inside. There was NO artwork on the interior previously, but we’d now like artwork on the inside.


All boxes will have the following basic interior artwork centered:


Please provide the following along with the quote via email:

  1. Lead time from artwork approval to production completion
  2. Dies and plates as separate line items (please note how many out and up they are also. The larger the tooling the better)
  3. As a separate line item, delivery cost to fulfillment center (with dock) in Reno, NV 89506
  4. The names/models of 2 of your machines in which you have that are capable to run this job

 Thank you!