Japan Crate

China Box Procurement

Tues, Mar 14

Deadline for Production Completion


Total Units Needed per Month
(Between All Sizes)


Box Sizes


(click to enlarge/download)



We need to begin shipping these 34,000 boxes from your factory in one 40 foot container (40k has fit in our experience), on March 14.

Cardboard Spec:

A. All B Flute. Our cardboard is 3 mm thick.
B. All base cardboard will be #3 White on both sides. Some people call this oyster white, or mott white. Same thing.
C. It does NOT need to be virgin material. Can be recycled
D. Please quote 250 GSM.

Printing Method:

We have printed all these boxes flexo in the past. Ideally quote flexo, offset if your flexo printer is poor. We do not like glossiness on the box.

Please Include in Your Quote:

1. Please quote each printing mold and cutting die separately for each box as a line item, and do not put that in the per unit cost.
2. Please quote DDP separately, the price for you to to ship a 40 foot container from your door to a fulfillment center (you may need to contact a broker) with the address:
4-1-7, Nankominami Suminoeku, Osaka 5590032 Japan
3. Payment Terms, how much % up front
4. The paper type
5. The printing method
6. A word document answering the questions at the end of this page

Target Price:

The goal is 25-40 cents per unit at 15k units for Premium, and a similar price curve for the other boxes.
Here’s one quote printed flexo with 250 gsm paper:


We’d like 3 types of samples that can be delivered to my hotel in Shenzhen:

1. 2-3 samples from your past customers. Specs for these samples:

  • These boxes need to be in a similar folding carton cardboard style, hopefully small so shipping is cheap.
  • Hopefully you can pay for shipping since it’s local.
  • Please make sure your samples are as close to the print type of how you will produce the boxes during the real production run. For example, if you will print these boxes flexo, make sure the samples are flexo.
  • Please make sure the paper type is the exact same paper type as the paper that will be used for the real production run. It must be B Flute. But if you will use 250 gsm paper for production, you should use 250 gsm paper for the sample.
  • The print should be as detailed as the Japan Crate print, or more. We want to see the capability of your best printer. A simple sample with very minimal artwork will not show us this.

2. We’d also like a cut out sample of the Premium box.

3. Please send us a past customer’s, or random sample of a C Flute box as well.



Please open a word document, respond to each one in red color below each question, and then attach the file in Alibaba chat.

  1. I will arrive Feb 28. Will you be available for a visit the first week of March? I plan to visit 3 factories the first week of March.
  2. Let’s imagine we meet March 6, I like your factory, product, and pricing, and we decide to print 30 thousand boxes between 5 different sizes. I then wire you a 20-30% deposit or whatever you typically do. Would we make the deadline of March 14? If not, what’s the earliest completion date? I understand your typical lead time is probably longer, but it’s urgent and a big order so hopefully we can make something work 🙂
  3. How many hours would it take for a quote?
  4. I know this is a one color job, but for your best printer, what is the max # of colors? I’m trying to evaluate your best printer. Is it a 2 color printer? 5 color? 7 color?
  5. Are you a direct manufacturer? I see that you supply many different products, so to me it might seem like you may specialize in a few of those products, and then just act as a broker for the rest.
  6. Is the below artwork too difficult for your printer? We might be able to adjust the artwork so it’s less detailed.
  7. If you must convert these dielines to centimeters, you may do that for your samples/production.

 Thank you!