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From concept to production, it’s never been simpler.


Enter specs and review instantly.

Start new, or upload your last quote.

Give us the rundown on your packaging, branding, and the products going inside.

Your projected order volumes, need by dates, and all other details ensures faster quoting and turnaround.

Creating new packaging?
→ Upload your specifications, concepts, design assets.

Need better pricing for existing packaging?
→ Upload your last quote sheet, we’ll handle the rest.

Sourcing packaging just got a whole lot easier

Everything is sourced and priced automatically from our vetted network of 400+ manufacturers.

3 or more competitive bids are delivered straight to you.

Review all bids and our design proposal online.

That’s it, you’re ready to go.


Custom prototypes delivered to you.

Design and prototyping

Every product and brand is unique, and yours is no different.

That’s why a team of designers and structural engineers will focus on ensuring your packaging is built to meet demands.

Whether it’s a molded insert to fit inside, performance testing the burst strength during shipping, or adding a custom element to your packaging… we got you covered.

Delivered for your approval

See exactly what your packaging will look like, in your own hands.

We prepare and ship all physical prototypes and custom samples to you for free.

No hidden costs, it’s all covered with your project plan.

Review your samples, then approve/revise directly in your project dashboard.


Compare pricing and options.

Stop cold calling random suppliers. Stop the endless searching and confusion.

It’s all done for you.

Pricing and quoting done in an instant.

Sit back and relax, manufacturers are already preparing quotes to compete for your business.

Pricing is automatically sourced and delivered straight to your dashboard in an easy, digestible format.

Review and compare quotes, then make your final selection.

Pay securely with buyer protection

View invoices immediately and pay by ACH, wire, or check.

We secure your payment safely in escrow until the entire order has been delivered and accepted by your team.


Manufactured and delivered.

Sit tight, your packaging is in production.

Once manufacturing is complete, we’ll load with a freight carrier and a tracking number will available on your dashboard. Your order ships straight to your fulfillment center or warehousing location.

Order status and estimated turnaround time is available on your dashboard throughout the entire production process.

 Curious what happens behind the scenes?

Here’s a quick rundown on everything during production.

Custom packaging requires specialized tooling to be created before any actual packaging is printed.

Everything is crafted and precision engineered to exact specifications. Typical tooling for most runs calls for printing plates and / or cutting dies, but may involve other types as well.

Manufacturing printed packaging requires a careful balance of adjustments and last minute checks on-site just prior to production. Our manufacturing specialists will be there to make sure it goes right.

You can ensure registration will be aligned, proper pantones have been accurately mixed, and all settings are tuned to produce the highest quality packaging.


Once the machine settings are dialed in, the actual production process can be begin. Printing, then cutting, and potentially finishing or gluing.

After your packaging comes off the line, it’s stacked, wrapped, and palletized for shipping to your final destination.


Everything you need, all in one place.

Forget the days of digging through endless email chains to find that old pricing sheet or artwork revision.

Everything is organized neatly in your dashboard, just a click or two away.

Order status & updates

See pending purchase orders and project updates easily from your dashboard.

Automatic reminders

Receive alerts on critical deadlines and important actions requiring your attention.

Reorder anytime

Confirm pricing and reorder with one click.

Track inventory and past pricing

See current inventory warehoused until your next delivery.

Check pricing from past production runs to optimize costs and budget decisions on future runs.

Access documents and assets

  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Delivery Receipts
  • Packaging Specifications
  • Design Assets
  • Prototypes

Let’s begin sourcing your custom packaging.